Eliminate QuickBooks Error Code 600077

What Is QuickBooks Error Code 6000 And How To Fix It?

Multiple error codes and issues occur on the accounting software QuickBooks while a user works on it. The QuickBooks 6000 error series have multiple forms. The common includes the 6000 83, 6000 77, 600080, 6000 302, etc. The error code is usually linked with the access of a corrupt or damaged file. When in a hurry contact QuickBooks team of customer service to get an instant solution. The team of QuickBooks online customer service is popular for giving a quick solution to the users.

Read this blog to learn about the common causes, symptoms, and easy solution of the QuickBooks error code 6000. It must be noted different versions of 6000 error series can be resolved using these solutions with little modifications. Simply dial the QuickBooks help number to connect with the team of customer service instantly. 

What Are The Common Causes Of 6000Error Series?

  1. The folder section having the company file stored in it may be corrupt.
  2. The file being tried to accessed may be absent from the computer storage location. Sometimes the files are stored on external storage causing errors on the device.
  3. The user may have tried to open the file using the reference of a mapped drive.
  4. Multiple users try to access the file at the same instant.

What Are The Common Symptoms Of 6000Error Series?

  1. The screen is displayed with the error code 6000 either alone or along with some other hexadecimal numbers. 
  2. The accounting software will not allow to access a file or a folder on the system device.
  3. The software’s response time is high i.e. the device becomes slow.
  4. The software may freeze and fail to respond to inputs.

Easy Solutions To Resolve The 6000error Series From QuickBooks

Solution-1: Rename the .ND & .TLG file

Step-1: Open My Computer on the device.

Step-2: Now open the C-drive.

Step-3: Select open the folder of ‘Users’.

Step-4: Click open the folder of ‘Public’

Step-5: Open the folder of ‘Documents’.

Step-6: Open the ‘Intuit’ folder.

Step-7: Click open the ‘QuickBooks’ folder.

Step-8: Open the ‘Company File’ folder.

Step-9: Locate the files with .ND and .TLG extension

Step-10: Add .OLD at the end of each file to rename them.

Open the application software QuickBooks to check whether the error has been eliminated from the accounting software. 

Solution-2: Creating A New Access

Step-1: Click on the Start icon.

Step-2: From the popup menu select My Computer.

Step-3: Now open the C-drive.

Step-4: Create a New folder here.

Step-5: Now open the folder of company data.

Step-6: Find the ‘.qbw file’.

Step-7: Create a copy of the file.

Step-8: Now go to the new folder of the C-drive.

Step-9: Paste the copied file here.

Step-10: Create access for this folder.

Step-11: Try to access the file from here.

Connect with QuickBooks online customer service team if the error code does not get resolved from the device. QuickBooks help number is available to allow easy connectivity for the customers in distress.


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  • I was facing Error 600077 in my Quickbook Accounting Software from last 2 month. I contacted QuickBooks online customer service team, They helped me a lot by providing accurate solution to Resolve Error 600077

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