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QuickBooks Point of Sale or POS is really an innovative product that’s helped small and medium-sized businesses, particularly retailers, restaurants and bars. With QuickBooks POS, Integrate QBPOS with QuickBooks Desktop might now easily receive payments and have a concise in addition to detailed record of the payments they have received from their customers. In this fast-moving business world, it’s, however, essential that you have a current information of transactions in your mobile device or Smartphone, and that too in both offline and online modes. 

You can Integrate QuickBooks Enterprise with POS having an assistance of QuickBooks Enterprise tech services provider. A QuickBooks Enterprise services provider helps you to recognize the requisite mechanisms needed for Integrate QBPOS with QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise.

Steps to Integrate QBPOS with QuickBooks Desktop

Integrate QBPOS with QuickBooks Desktop is typical to accomplish the optimal accounting experience. Integration of POS with QuickBooks Enterprise ensures that you’ve updated the real-time information of all transactions taking devote your business.

QuickBooks POS is the most beneficial and compatible with all the current versions of QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise. Integration of those both saves your own time from manual data entry and also can help you avoid data entry errors and inaccuracies.

Benefits of Syncing QuickBooks Enterprise

Integration of POS system with the QuickBooks Enterprise saves enough time of one’s staffs and enhances business productivity by manifold. An integral POS system makes your organization robust by configuring iPad or some other device to receive orders, join up payments, track inventory and do other customer related activities. You could have anytime use of different critical activities and your staffs don’t demand a high-level professional training or expertise to own control over different technologies that you employ to stimulate end-user needs of customers.

In general, Integrate QBPOS with QuickBooks Desktop enables you to and your organization simultaneously enters data in multiple places and makes your team and business more efficient. In this article, let’s further discuss a couple of critical steps that have to be followed while integrating QuickBooks accounting software with QuickBooks POS.

Steps for Integrate QBPOS with QuickBooks Desktop

After understanding the significance of POS integration with QuickBooks Enterprise, now perhaps you are having a concern, just how to Integrate QBPOS with QuickBooks Desktop. To answer your question, here would be the steps you’ll need to follow along with for seamless integration of those two amazing QuickBooks products.

Work on the POS Server

This is the initial step that really needs to be followed while integrating QuickBooks with POS. POS server may be the computer where documents of POS is stored, and you’ll need to utilize it to perform daily business operations. Now, you’ve to open the financial data file and then, launch QuickBooks POS.

Open Company Preferences in POS

This step for Quickbooks integration with QBPOS is always to open Company Preferences menu of POS, and then, double-click Financial, that will be in the left column.

Click on Use with QuickBooks

After following the prior step, visit the best of the column, and go through the box that’s named with “Use with QuickBooks accounting software. Now over time, QuickBooks POS will go through the QuickBooks accounting software running on a single computer, and will automatically hook up to the financial data file that’s open. And, then, it’ll pop-up a confirmation message asking if the proper file is connected or not.

Get in Touch with Service Providers for Quick Help

After going through the above-mentioned steps, Integrate QBPOS with QuickBooks Desktop could be easily integrated. However, many times, you will find concerns linked to the safety of data file, and users will have a way for connecting and access a data file or not. To make certain there doesn’t occur such issues, it is obviously advisable to keep in touch with representatives for assistance.

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