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Are you looking for troubleshoot damaged transactions in QuickBooks Desktop.Go through this blog to know how to troubleshoot damaged transactions in QuickBooks Desktop.

When QuickBooks Desktop users encounter data corrupted/damage error, it means that QuickBooks Desktop was not able to read the data in the company file. These errors can appear when any items, accounts, or names in the company file have been damaged. A virus or computer malware has attacked the device. There was a failure in internet connection and the internet connection dropped out.  However, these errors can adversely impact business operations and you can troubleshoot damaged transactions in QuickBooks Desktop by following this blog post. 

Despite being the most reliable accounting software, QuickBooks often faces issues. The company file saves all information pertaining to finances, projects, invoices, clients and bills, and can easily get damage. 

Symptoms of Damaged Transactions In QuickBooks Desktop 

Mentioned below are some symptoms of damaged transactions in Quickbooks desktop

  • The error message appears on your display when you open QuickBooks application.  
  • Unable to QuickBooks contractor file.  
  • Unable to access the data inside QuickBooks contractor.  
  • When QuickBooks contractor shuts down unexpectedly.  
  • Bookkeeping transactions have gone missing due to an apparent reason.  
  • The balance sheet report seems out to be out of balance, when you have made accurate entries.

Methods To Troubleshoot Damaged Transactions In QuickBooks Desktop 

The steps to troubleshoot damaged transactions in QuickBooks Desktop often depend on the type of data damage. Here are some of the most commonly used methods to resolve data damages in QuickBooks Desktop.

Method 1: Rebuild Data Tool

The Rebuild Data Tool is a built-in feature that is available in QuickBooks Desktop, and it can be used to resolve minor issues with company files mechanically. You have to Navigate to the QuickBooks File menu under the utilities option. After that, this tool scans for issues when you tap on the option of Verify Data. If QuickBooks detects any data damage, hit on Rebuild Now to resolve the issue.

Method 2: By Using QuickBooks File Doctor

Many a time, the issue occurs even after rebuilding the QuickBooks company file, and the process takes an unexpectedly long time. This might indicate that the data corrupted/damaged could be more inherited, or there are some other factors such as network issues. QuickBooks File Doctor and other features in the Tool Hub can run deeper scans to identify and resolve data damages and other issues.

Method 3: Applying Manual Fixes

You can try to fix the issues manually on the Verify Results screen.

If none of these methods work, the last option is you can follow the script based repair method, that’s an easier and more efficient way of repairing company files and damaged transactions. Moreover, you can reach the Quickbooks service experts for help. They will guide you the proper steps to troubleshoot damaged transactions in QuickBooks Desktop. If then also unable to resolve it, you can reach us via live chat. Not only this, you can also access the solution of scalable virtual desktops that can be accessed from anywhere. We always create the backups regularly so that you can recover from data damages faster. 

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