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If you are looking for the  solution of How do I Convert QuickBooks from Windows to Mac, then follow this blog further we have discussed some steps to Convert QuickBooks from Windows to Mac.

QuickBooks comes with many platform options for company accountancy. You can choose from a wide range of device environments. The possibilities that companies get are QuickBooks OnlineQuickBooks for Mac, and QuickBooks for Windows. The best part of this program is that it allows the conversion of company files from one platform to another. Now Convert QuickBooks from Windows to Mac easily than before following this article. You get the best, effortless, and accurate steps to convert necessary company files.

What to Know Before Converting to Mac

In several scenarios, employer or company owners need to Convert QuickBooks from Windows to Mac. It could be due to the accountant is working on Mac and the payroll clerk is working on a Windows computer. Sometimes, different company stakeholders could also work on incompatible workstations, and hence they need file migration options. 

As you need to run QuickBooks on a Mac computer, you need to get the QuickBooks for Mac software program. 

convert QuickBooks from Windows to Mac

The Most Useful Steps to Convert QuickBooks from Windows to Mac

Accounting Error Solutions introduces the most trusted and easy steps to convert Quickbooks from windows to mac. Follow the below steps to efficiently convert your files:

A. The First Step: Some Preparations on the Windows Computer

  • Download the latest version of QuickBooks for Windows and install it.
  • Log in to QuickBooks Windows as an administrator.
  • Now, you need to open the company file as an admin.
  • Access the File menu, and then click on the“Utilities.” 
  • Then select the “Copy Company File for QuickBooks Mac,” and please follow the onscreen guidance. 
  • Now, QuickBooks Windows will produce a MAC.qbb file for QuickBooks Mac.
  • QuickBooks will show a message which means that QuickBooks Windows is a good fit for your company, and some files may not convert to Mac. 
  • Take a look at what data will not convert from Windows to mac. 
  • At this phase, if you wish to continue, click on “Yes.”
  • The QuickBooks program will allow you the option to rename the file and save it in a folder. Do that according to your choice. Make sure not to include any special characters in the file name.
  • Now, transfer the file to a Mac computer through email, cloud storage, or external storage device.
convert QuickBooks from Windows to Mac

B. The Second Step: Restoring QuickBooks for Mac File in a Mac Computer

A MAC.qbb file is essentially a converted copy of a QuickBooks Windows company file. You need to restore the company file in QuickBooks for Mac to convert QuickBooks from Windows to Mac. Follow these steps: 

  • Get the latest QuickBooks for Mac from the QuickBooks website.
  • Install the latest program or update the existing QuickBooks for Mac.
  • For now, please close the QuickBooks Mac program.
  • Download the MAC.qbb file from cloud storage or email and save it to the “Documents” folder on a Mac computer. 
  • If transferring MAC.qbb through an external storage device, copy the file to the “Documents” folder on your Mac computer. 
  • Now, start the program QuickBooks for Mac and then click on “File.”
  • You will get the option “Company,” please select that.
  • Choose the MAC.qbb file and then click on “Open.”
  • Now, choose “OK” when you see this message box: “You Want to Restore the QuickBooks for Windows Company File.”
  • Give the file a name of your choice and click on “Save.”

The above steps complete the process of convert QuickBooks from Windows to Mac.

Parameters Which Convert to Mac

When you convert QuickBooks from Windows to Mac, many data convert to Mac, and some of them are:

  • Account list or the chart of accounts
  • All previous list reports
  • Budgets
  • Custom field definitions
  • Previous customer message list
  • A list that shows customer types
  • Job costing data
  • Links between other items and pay items
  • Transaction memory

Parameters that don’t Convert from QuickBooks Windows to Mac

Some of the data parameters don’t convert to Mac, and these are:

  • Multiple currencies
  • Online banking transactions that don’t show as accepted in the register
  • Online banking nicknames
  • Manual settings for the following forms: estimates, invoices, statements, and purchase orders
  • Multiuser data, for example, usernames and their passwords
  • Transactions stored in memory
  • Expert analysis, business planning, and business optimization tools
  • Backorder and sales order tracking
  • Services linked to merchant accounts
  • Budgets that don’t have any associated account

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