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In this technical world million of users, use Quickbooks accounting software and while using it many users face QuickBooks point of sale server issue. It is a discouraging error that can take place due to improperly configured network sharing. When the error occurs, an error message appears on your display. At that time, you might be unable to access your device records on the arrival of this error. Some of the troubleshooting steps to fix QuickBooks point of sale server issue are mentioned in this article.

Possible Reasons for QuickBooks Point of Sale Server Issue

Mentioned below are some possible reasons for quickbooks point of sale server issue.

  • The Server Workstation must be powered on and the QuickBooks Point of Sale to be running properly
  • Antivirus program must be configured properly to allow QB Point of Sale components. 

Some Relevant Steps of QuickBooks Point of Sales Server Issue

Mentioned below some of the relevant steps to fix Quickbooks point of sale server issues

  • First of all, Power off the workstation on which QuickBooks Point of Sale is installed.
  • After that, reboot the server.
  • You have to wait till the process of reboot completes
  • Now, reboot your device and Start QuickBooks Point of Sale on your device. .
  • The PC should automatically connect to the QuickBooks POS database file on the server.

Server Issues while upgrading QuickBooks point of Sale

You can go through the effective methods while upgrading the QuickBooks Point of Sale

  • At the first step, Tap on Help button
  • After that, Click on– About Point of Sale
  • Now, you have to search the Product number
  • When the Product number is correct, verify it and if you are signed into Windows as an administrator or a user, remove all administrator rights.
  • The files in the POS Client Entitlement folder might be corrupted/damaged
  • To repair these corrupted files, follow the steps:
  1. At the first step, click on Windows key
  2. After that, tap o the Start button and then on the Control Panel.
  3. Now, choose the Folders option and hit on the view tab
  4. Click on the option– Show hidden folders, files, or drives.
  5. Now, tap on the Local Disk C.
  6. Open the Program data
  7. Hit on Input and open the Entitlement Client.
  8. Under it, open the Windows.

Some Optional Steps

  • First of all, back up your data file. 
  • Open the File menu, and then choose the Backup data.
  • After that, you have to Uninstall, reinstall, and update the files.
  • Select QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale on all workstations.
  • Now, Sync the license data online. 
  • After that, open the new Point of Sale server. 
  • Now, restore your data file. 

What Must You Do If You Get Any Difficulties While Setting the Server?

If you get any problems while figuring out the QuickBooks Point of Sale server issue, you must get connected with our certified technical members and ask about any issues you have been encountered out with. Our representatives will understand your query properly, and give the on-time resolution.  

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