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QuickBooks POS always deliver the software and license to the customer after buying it. If you want to know how to upgrade QBPOS, follow the effective tips given in this blog.

Amazing Tips to Upgrade QBPOS

Mentioned below some of the amazing tips to upgrade QBPOS

Tip 1: Be sure your device meets the requirements of V18

First of all, look at the requirements of the QuickBooks user guide manual

Tip 2: Settle any pending credit and debit card transactions 

Here you may wish to review the exchange history and ensure that transactions have properly updated between systems. You have to verify your QuickBooks Point-of-Sale files.

  • Go to Help menu, and open the QBPOS Debug mode.
  • After that go to the POS Help menu and run the utility.
  • Now, tap on Debug, and choose the option of Verify Data.

If any errors are located, don’t proceed with the install. 

Tip 3: Backup your present POS company data file.

This is one of the essential steps. As most of us know, something is likely to make a mistake when technology is involved. Don’t let your present data file fall victim to this. This may also be crucial should anything make a mistake following the upgrade. Along with this, don’t uninstall your previous version of QB. The upgrade will handle all of this for you.

Tip 4: Update any installed firewall software to the most recent release.

You can do this by right-clicking on the firewall icon in your task tray and selecting Check for Updates option.

Tip 5: Install QuickBooks Point-of-Sale V18 on the server

  • After you’ve downloaded the file, double-click the QBPOSv18.exe file to have started.
  • Enter your license and product numbers
  • Select Server Workstation whilst the installation type
  • Select how many computers to be used.

Tip 6: Launch Desktop Point-of-Sale V18

At this point, the device will detect your previous version and prompt one to convert it for use with the brand new version. Hit on the yes button to copy and exchange your data. You will also have to enter the name for your company file, which can be exactly like the old one. A present window will pop up where you can select to save your data. You can select the location and after that you have to tap on OK button.

Tip 7: Install the Upgrade to Each QuickBooks Point-of-Sale Workstation

  • Leave the server workstation where you just installed V18 running, but close the POS software.
  • You’ll follow exactly the same procedures from previous step, but ensure you select Client Workstation whilst the installation type.
  • Restart your PC and then launch the Point-of-Sale software.
  • The program will see the organization data on the server workstation. Select your company and click OK.
  • Now use your username and password to login, and after that merge licenses with the Server Workstation.

By following these steps, you can upgrade QBPOS, and if you want to know more about how to upgrade QBPOS, you can reach our Quickbooks service experts. They will guide you quick and easy solutions to upgrade QBPOS.

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