How To Fix Backup Company File In QuickBooks Desktop?

13 Feb 2021

QuickBooks is the accounting industry that has undergone an extreme change. For the past few years, many small and medium scale businesses depend highly on the application, as it helps manage their finances by analyzing spending and income. But despite being top-notch accounting software, QuickBooks users might encounter specific errors while working with the software. These types of mistakes can put a severe threat to the crucial data that is saved in the software. One such error is regarding backup, and if you want to know– How to fix backup company file issues in QuickBooks Desktop? Well, this could be a severe error. Thus, the users are required to make sure that they take the necessary action towards this issue, as soon as possible. We have come up with this article to fix the issue. 

Possible Causes behind Backup Company files issues in QuickBooks Desktop

  • When the company file backup is stored on an external disk.
  • Software is running in the background scanning QuickBooks desktop.
  • When the company file's size exceeds 3 GB, the user might face such kind of error.
  • When there is an .ADR extension in the name of the file.
  • If the backup is being taken over an existing company file.
  • If your company file name includes certain special characters, then the backup failure issue can trouble you.

Methods to Fix backup company file issues in QuickBooks Desktop

Method 1: Renaming Company file and deletion of special characters from it

  • Hover right-click on the file option and then select the rename option
  • Now, type the name of the file and ensure that it doesn’t have any special characters
  • After that hit on entering the key.

Method 2: Fixing Company File using QuickBooks file doctor

The company files get damaged, so it is suggested to use the QuickBooks File Doctor tool to repair them.

Method 3: Backup Company files into an external or flash drive

  • Firstly, Open the File Menu and then select Save Copy or backup
  • After that, you have to choose the backup copy and then hit on Next
  • Now, select the Local Backup and again tap on Next
  • Save the file in Local disk C
  • Minimize the QuickBooks Desktop
  • Once done, you have to search for the backup file on the local drive
  • Now, Do right-click on the file and then select Copy
  • Open a Windows Explorer Window
  • To open the external or flash drive, you have to do double click on the drive letter that corresponds to the drive
  • Now, hover right-click on the file and then select Paste.

Method 4: Use New Company file name

  • At the first step, Open the File menu and hit on Open or Restore an existing company. 
  • Select the option– Open a Company file and then click on Next
  • Once it is done, select the new company file name and then hit the Open tab.

Method 5: Run the Verify and Rebuild Utility Tool

  • Go to QuickBooks File menu and hit on Utilities.
  • Choose the option of Verify Data to verify it.

After following all the methods, you can fix backup company file issues in QuickBooks Desktop and resolve all your issues on-time. 

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