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Print Checks in QuickBooks Online: The world of small and medium-sized enterprises conducts regular financial transactions. Effective management of accounts is of prime importance for any sort of business. Efficient and easy tracking of records can be done using the accounting software of QuickBooks. One can get help with QuickBooks to conduct business transactions smoothly and in proper order. The software can be easily understood by anyone by using the QuickBooks help guide. However, for any sort of quick assistance, a user always has the freedom to connect with QuickBooks customer service. Paying bills via the latest technology of online banking or mobile banking is common for small and medium-sized enterprises. But, when it comes to transactions involving a large sum of money the option of using Print Checks in QuickBooks Online is still more secured and more sought after. There are several reasons which make the option of checks more popular among other modes of business transactions.

Why Checks are more popular than other modes of Transactions?

  • The modes of digital payment often come with higher risks of fraudulence. Though a business can manage some loss in terms of small payment. It is better to invest in check when it comes to higher sums. A check provides a legitimate assurance to both the parties.
  • It is fairly suitable to use a check when it comes to buying expensive products and services. It reduces any sort of glitches that may occur during an online transaction.
  • Using a check provides you with a legitimate source of proof for the completed transaction. One can easily get an image via online banking to use it for reference.
  • One may not have sufficient cash at the time of the transaction. Using a check allows one to transfer the required amount of sum to the preferred account for the transaction with having some spare time in hand. Moreover, it is common practice to issue checks for a later date after consultation with the other party involved.

Easy Steps to Print Checks in QuickBooks Online

How to print checks in QuickBooks Online How to print checks in QuickBooks Online?
  • Go to the homepage of the accounting software of QuickBooks.
  • Now select the icon of ‘Quick Create’ from the homepage.
  • Click on ‘Vendors’ to select it.
  • Select ‘Check’ by clicking over its icon.
  • Now you are needed to fill out the essential information and the amount of check.
  • From the list of accounts choose the desired account for credit and debit.
  • Now again go to the icon of ‘Quick Create’ and click on it to select it.
  • Select ‘Vendors’ by clicking on it.
  • Now you are required to select ‘Print Checks in QuickBooks Online’.
  • You may use the alignment wizard to ensure the proper alignment of the Amount.
  • Now select the option of ‘Finish Preview’ by clicking on it.
  • Now choose ‘Print’ by clicking on it.

Your check will now get printed and can be used for the required transaction. You can get help with QuickBooks customer service on facing any technical issue while Print Checks in QuickBooks Online.

Check Printing in QuickBooks 

Creating a check is an important part of a transaction. The making of a check may involve different transactions but has a similar effect over the account of the user. A check will credit the asset account which means it will reduce the balance from the account and will debit the sum of money to the account of product or service provider. A check may also be used to pay back a loan to a bank or an individual. There are mainly three main types of checks available on the accounting software of QuickBooks. One may use a particular type depending on the amount of transaction and current needs of the business organization.

Basic Voucher Check

The basic voucher checks have been designed and developed to suit the needs of Payroll and Accounts activities. It comes with an excellent feature of stub sharing. A part of the stub can be transferred to the employee or the owing party and the other can be kept for the personal use of the company. It is the cheapest among the types of checks and is, therefore, more often used by small and medium-sized organizations for regular transactions.

Secure Plus Voucher Checks

Business organizations need to use Secure Plus Voucher checks for transactions involving higher sums of money. It provides higher levels of security as compared to the basic voucher check. A heat-sensitive icon is available on the check that does not allow the check to be photocopied. The check is secured against any illicit changes or tampering by providing a secured coating over the check. For the final level of security against any sort of fraudulence, a custom watermark is available on the check. The advanced levels of security make it costlier for the organizations but also provides a higher level of security. Hence any transactions that are not regular and involve a higher sum or amount may be done via using it.

Secured Premium Voucher Checks

The Secured Premium Voucher Checks are the most secured kind of checks among the three. Apart from the basic levels of security that are present in Secure Plus Voucher Checks it also has an additional feature of a secured hologram. The presence of secured hologram makes it almost impossible for anyone to conduct any sort of mischievous activities and fraudulence with the issued check. Using checks for regular transactions is not uncommon despite the introduction of diverse modes of payments. Being able to invest in a secured mode of transaction maintains the peace of mind of the managing department of the business organization.

Moreover, it is not at all complex to use the accounting software for writing or Print Checks in QuickBooks Online. Trying the process once or twice will make the user more comfortable for the regular issuing of checks. The QuickBooks help guide is always available to clear any moments of doubts and queries. You may also avail of the help from QuickBooks customer support phone numberto resolve your issues errors that arise while working on the accounting software. The team is always available to help you out of the crisis.

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