How To Retrieve QuickBooks Backup File To New Computer

There could be several reasons for you to transfer the QuickBooks file to a new computer. Updating to a new device is a regular activity for some users. After all, a newly upgraded device offers multiple new features. This invites a promising change to computer users. The process of shifting QuickBooks to a new device is a rather simple process and can be done even by a novice. However, you can contact QuickBooks customer care team when in a hurry and looking for a quick solution. The team of QuickBooks customer service will help you with an instant shifting process. The team can be easily connected by dialing the QuickBooks help number from anywhere and at any time. 

The complete process can be broadly divided into two categories. The first is to transfer the QuickBooks file to the new device while the second is to restore the concerned QuickBooks file on the new device using the transferred file. Read this blog to learn and execute the two processes with ease and comfort.

Easy Steps To Transfer QuickBooks File To A New Device

Step-1: The first step is to create a backup of all the files.

Step-2: Now, create the backup of the licenses of the accounting software.

Step-3: Open a preferred browser on the new device. 

Step-4: Type and search QuickBooks on the browser.

Step-5: Download the QuickBooks file from the official website.

Step-6: Now double click on the downloaded file to install it. 

Step-7: Follow the on-screen commands.

Step-8: Finally, you need to restart the device.

Step-9: Once the device gets restarted open QuickBooks. 

Step-10: Go to the backup section of the software.

Step-11: Perform the back up of all the important files.

Step-12: Ensure that the backup process is complete.

Step-13: Now, go to the old device.

Step-14: Delete the accounting software from the device. 

The above process will complete the process of creating a backup of all the files on the new computer. The next process is to restore the files using the backup created on the device.

Easy Steps To Restore QuickBooks File To A New Device

Step-1: Switch on the new computer.

Step-2: Connect the personal storage device with it.  

Step-3: Now, click open the accounting software QuickBooks.

Step-4: Go to the section of File. 

Step-5: Choose the icon of ‘Open or Restore Company’

Step-6: Now, select the icon of ‘Restore a backup copy’. 

Step-7: Click on the icon of ‘Next’.

Step-8: Select by clicking the icon of ‘Local Backup’. 

Step-9: Choose the option of ‘Next’ again.

Step-10: You will need to navigate to the backup section if required.

Step-11: Now, click to open the backup file 

Step-12: Choose the ‘Save’ option.

Step-13: Select the location for saving the file.

The above process will successfully restore the accounting software on the new computer. Dial the QuickBooks help number if you fail to restore the backup file on the new device. The QuickBooks customer service will provide an immediate solution for the process of restoring the backup file onto the new device.


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