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On trying to update the accounting software of QuickBooks there may be a display of QuickBooks error code 15215 over the screen of the computer device. QuickBooks error 15215 usually occurs when a user tries to update the accounting software to its latest version. Using the latest version of the software often provides the user with a greater number of operating functions and also with some interesting changes in the user interface design. Moreover, it is recommended to use the latest editions to use application software to its maximum potential. Feel free to  contact the QuickBooks customer care team to resolve the error code. The team of  QuickBooks online customer service is available for round the clock hours to eliminate the error code from your working device efficiently. Easily connect with us via  QuickBooks help number to get the errors and issues resolved. There are diverse causes for the occurring of the Quickbooks error 15215 over the screen of the computer device having the accounting software. This blog is to provide you with quick and easy steps to get rid of the QuickBooks error 15215 from the accounting software of QuickBooks.

Causes of the QuickBooks Error 15215 

  • The configuration of the Windows operating system over the computer device may yield the Quickbooks error 15215.
  • Virus or malware present in the accounting software of QuickBooks or in the computer may cause error code 15215 to occur.
  • Some other working software present in the computer device may interfere and or interrupt the working of QuickBooks causing error code 15215 to occur.
  • Certain errors during the installation of the accounting software may also cause the Quickbooks error 15215 to occur.
  • The accounting software when it fails to confirm and verify the signature of the placed files then it causes this error code to occur.
  • The antivirus program may have incorrectly marked the accounting software as a host of viruses and bugs.

Symptoms of the QuickBooks Error 15215

quickbooks error 15215
  • The device will display the Quickbooks error 15215.
  • Accounting software may fail to get updated to the latest version despite many attempts.
  • The software will show an error when trying to perform the payroll update.
  • The accounting software may show an error or a user may fail to access the files already uploaded in it.
  • Regular operations and functions of the accounting software may take more than the usual time to complete.
  • The screen may freeze for few seconds at regular intervals.
  • Accessing files may show the message corrupted file though it was earlier accessible

Solutions of QuickBooks Error 15215

Solution-1: Restarting Device in Selective Startup 

  • Close all the versions of QuickBooks from the desktop.
  • Click and select the Start icon.
  • Select ‘All Programs’ with a click.
  • Click on ‘Accessories’ to select it.
  • Select ‘Run’
  • The run box will be displayed on the screen
  • Type ‘msconfig’ and press the enter key.
  • Choose Selective Startup.
  • Uncheck the Load Startup.
  • Save the changes done to the settings.
  • Restart the computer device to implement the changes made.

Solution-2: Run the Software as Administrator

  • Close all the software applications from the desktop.
  • Using right-click select the QuickBooks Desktop icon.
  • From the popup menu choose ‘Run as Administrator’.
  • A box will appear asking permission for necessary modifications.
  • Select ‘Yes’ or ‘Ok’ to permit affirmation.
  • The process may take up some time.
  • Once the process gets completed open the Accounting software.
  • Check if the Quickbooks error 15215 is resolved.

Solution-3: Check TLS Settings

  • Close all the running software on the desktop.
  • Now open the Internet Explorer on the device,
  • Find and click on the icon of Tools.
  • From the menu choose Internet Options.
  • Find and select the Advanced tab.
  • Now go to Advanced Settings by clicking on it.
  • A list of the menu will appear along with a checkbox beside each option.
  • From the list find TLS 1.0, TLS 1.1, and TLS 1.2.
  • Ensure the checkbox of TLS1.0 is marked.
  • TLS 1.1 and the TLS 1.2 checkbox should be unmarked.
  • Tap or click on the ‘Ok’ icon to save the changes made.
  • Now close the internet explorer.
  • Reboot the system device to implement the changes done.
  • To complete the process of reboot press the long-press the power button.
  • Once the screen goes blank leave the button.
  • Switch on the device after some time.
  • Now update the accounting software to its latest edition.
  • Open QuickBooks to check if the error is resolved.

Solution-4: Install latest Updates

  • Navigate the cursor to ‘Update’
  • Now select the accounting software ‘QuickBooks’.
  • Choose the icon of ‘Change’.
  • Reselect the accounting software ‘QuickBooks’
  • Choose the icon of ‘Update’.
  • Save the updated file on the C-drive of the computer.
  • Double click on the file to begin its installation process.
  • A dialog box will ask for permission to make modifications.
  • Choose on Yes option to allow the update to install.
  • Once the process gets completed, check for the quickbooks error 15215.

The QuickBooks error 15215 generally occurs when a user tries to update the payroll page while some other application program is running behind the device. The issue also occurs due to some issues in the firewall setup. Payroll activity is important to the business organization. Hence it is advisable to use the latest edition of the software. Connect with the team of QuickBooks online customer service to resolve any issues related to payroll updates. The skilled technician ensures a loss of zero bit of data while working to eliminate your device from the error code. Errors and issues in accounting software affect work continuity. Wastage of time and resources due to persisting error codes is undesirable. Hence one should contact QuickBooks customer support team to get them resolved effectively. A business should not suffer from loss due to technical glitches. Connecting via QuickBooks help number is easy and affordable. The solutions are done by taking your device in a remote server so that you don’t have to feel any sort of stress while the error gets eliminated from the accounting software. The customer service team is available for round the clock hours.

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