How To Upgrade QuickBooks Desktop 2021

28 Dec 2020

Upgrade Quickbooks Desktop 2021

The newest version of QuickBooks desktop might seem early to talk about this point of time, but it is not. The news regarding the upcoming line of products will ahead of next month. All the users of QuickBooks desktop 2021 can expect more automation that is designed. This automation will help the customer to save their valuable time and boost their productivity.


The new features will include some of the followings:


  1. Improved bank feeds.
  2. Customize payment receipts.
  3. The ability to create rule-based customer groups.
  4. Changes in retail availability.
  5. The ability to automatically send statements.

The users can connect to the team of QuickBooks online support in case they encounter any error or issue


Change in retail availability for QuickBooks Desktop


The users will find from the next month the annually-renewed QuickBooks desktop plus subscription products on the retail store shelves. It will further, offer one-time purchase products on the website via online retailers, or by calling the sales team.


New discounts for you and your clients

It helps to provide their best pricing to the accounting professionals. After this month, the customers will observe a discount of up to 25 percent on the first year of the desktop plus subscription and a 10 percent discount will be offered on a one-time purchase of the customers. The customers can reach up to these discounts with the help of the accountant sales team.


There are mainly some of the additional benefits of the QuickBooks desktop that the users should be aware of. For these benefits the users you follow the content mentioned below:


  1. There is unlimited customer support at no additional charge.
  2. There are an automatic data backup and the recovery at an additional charge.
  3. There is an ability to automatically create and categorize receipt expense transactions using the QuickBooks desktop mobile app.
  4. An optional add-on discounted cloud-based remote access.
  5. Access to the latest version, with the latest features, security patches, and support for the third party operating system changes.


The customers will only find the annually-renewed QuickBooks desktop plus subscription products on store shelves. In case of any problem, the customers can connect to the team member of QuickBooks online support.


The team members of this support team will help you get to the tech team. The team members are highly skilled and proficient. They can help the customers to get out of any problem they might encounter while using this accounting software.


For any query, you can also contact us. Our team is always available for you 24/7. We will help you out in clearing all your queries at your convenience.