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QuickBooks for Windows on Mac: The mac version of the accounting software of QuickBooks differs a lot then the regular Windows version of the financial software. This fact can be easily verified by looking at the fact that the Mac version of the accounting software lacks certain features and properties which are otherwise present on the Windows version of the software. The basic features of the sync manager and web connector are missing from the mac version of the accounting software. The QuickBooks online customer service allows you to consult your queries effectively. The essential feature of the sync manager is responsible for the automatic synchronization of information with other software.

This clearly illustrates that the designing and manufacturing tech company of Intuit is more focused on the windows version of the accounting software. So switching from the Windows version of the accounting software to the Mac version is not an easy task to accomplish. Connect with QuickBooks help number for an easy and effective switch in a smooth fashion. However, you might realize that the Mac version of the accounting version lacks the essential features required for the smooth tracking of the data of financial accounts. Feel free to contact QuickBooks customer carein case of any convenience occurred due to switching to the Mac version of the accounting software.

The web connector is also an essential feature that enables the online web-based application to smoothly exchange the required information and data with the accounting software. So the absence of the web connector in the Mac version may be a point of worry for you. The tech company responsible for the manufacturing and design of QB has recently discontinued the supply of the Mac version with its latest update. The primary reason behind it may owe to the simple fact of its low popularity.

However, if you still want to use it then you may connect with QuickBooks online customer service to learn the effective way of utilizing the accounting software Mac version. The expert technician from the customer service will easily guide you on step by step process to use the accounting software Mac version with ease. The steps are essential for using Parallels software smoothly. By utilizing the Parallels software you will be able to easily run the accounting software for Windows on Mac without facing any errors or issues.

The Parallels Desktop is a useful application of Mac OS. It allows you to run the Windows application on the Mac OS. The application of Parallels Desktop forms a Virtual machine for the user. It resembles the working of a device within a device. As the virtual machine is developed within your computer device. After the application software successfully creates a virtual machine within your computer device you will be enabled to install any operating system for the virtual machine.

So having installed the operating system of Windows over the virtual machine you will have the freedom to install or download any application software that you use over a Windows operating system. Hence, the Parallels Desktop features allow one to use the windows based software over a system device not running under a Windows operating system. On facing issues with the process of using Parallels Desktop to use QB you can connect with customer care via QuickBooks help number for immediate solution of your issue.

Easy Steps to form Virtual Machine with Parallels Desktop to utilize QuickBooks

  • Double click on the icon of Parallels Desktop to open it.
  • Move the cursor to locate the option of File.
  • Select the option of File by clicking on it.
  • A drop-down menu will appear and you are required to select New from it.
  • Now using a DVD or any other media you are required to install the Windows OS.

  • After the installation of the Windows gets complete you are required to enter the Windows Product key to complete the process.
  • Now you will be required to give in the purpose of installation.
  • Once the process gets complete you will have the freedom to rename the virtual machine.
  • The last step is to select a proper location for the virtual machine where you will be able to easily access it for work.

Having got the virtual machine developed and windows operating system installed in the computer device with Mac OS you can easily proceed forward to install QB on it.

Easy Steps to Install QuickBooks on Virtual Machine Windows OS

  • The first step is to open the Windows operating system via the Virtual Machine on your device.
  • Now close all the other running software application programs over the Windows OS.
  • Download the QuickBooks accounting software via the official website.
  • An option tab will appear asking you to allow the necessary modifications.

  • Select the option of affirmation for all modifications and keep selecting next.
  • This will complete the process of installation over the virtual machine.

Having installed the accounting software you will be able to easily run it without any errors and issues. The Parallels Desktop application is highly helpful for the users of Mac to use Windows application on the computer device. Easily contact QuickBooks customer care to resolve any issue faced on completing the process of installation of the accounting software over your computer device.

The accounting software of QuickBooks is highly popular owing to several benefits offered to the clientele. A company saves from investing in separate IT infrastructure and employees for keeping a track of accounts. Hence the number of organizations investing in the accounting software in increasing regularly. The software effectively keeps you in pace with the latest technology. Utilizing the software for optimum results is easy for anyone to keep a track of financial transactions occurring within the organization. The QuickBooks online customer servicegives an easy solution to resolve the errors occurring on the computer device. The expert technicians you get to connect via customer service are customer friendly and have years of experience in resolving the various error codes occurring in the accounting software.

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