Resolve Debit Card Processing Error In Point Of Sale

29 Dec 2020

Resolve errors when doing Debit and Credit card transactions in Point of Sale

There might be several explanations for why you are unable to take card payment in point of sale. Observe the steps below to Contact processing cards inside QuickBooks Desktop Point of sale.


Here Are Just Some of the mistakes That You Might experience when unable to accept payment in point of sale.


  • Invalid PIN
  • Invalid Bank Card Type
  • Invalid Merchant Number
  • Maybe Not a permitted card kind
  • Card never endorsed
  • Invalid merchant accounts
  • Merchant accounts info maybe not known


These errors might result from an invalid entry by the employee or customer or Internal Server errors. Try out these measures to recognize the root cause of this problem:

  • Utilize an alternative card process the trade to spot whether the challenge is originating from the card or system type.
  • Rather than inserting the card try keying in the card info.
  • Attempt yet another station/terminal.


In case you are using a charge card:

  • Be certain that the card comes with a credit card rather than a debit card logo.
  • Make certain your Merchant Account is precisely configured to process your card type your customer is already using.