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Small, medium, or startup businesses prefer using QuickBooks for their accountancy and bookkeeping requirements within the company. Producing a backup QuickBooks desktop company file can save you from unforeseen data loss. Backup QuickBooks desktop company file and consider this as insurance to your business data. For more help, consult the QuickBooks service from Accounting Error Solution.

How to BackUp QuickBooks Desktop Company File

The company file backup saves everything available in the company file. You may visit this guide retrieve QuickBooks backup file to new computer for more insight. 

The backup Quickbooks desktop company File would include the followings:

  • The Accounting Data
  • Letters
  • Templates
  • Logos
  • Loan Manager
  • Images and Related Files
  • Cash Flow Projector
  • Business Planner
  • Quickbooks Statement Writer 

Backup QuickBooks Desktop company file or contact QuickBooks service. Here are the steps to follow:

1. Open the QuickBooks Desktop program and go to File and then Switch to single-user form.

2. Now, visit the QuickBooks file menu, choose Backup Company and now select Create Local Backup.

3. Then, you will have the Create Backup window on your computer screen.

4. Choose Local Backup and then click on Options when you want to back up your QuickBooks Desktop company file. Visit the QuickBooks service team for more help. 

5. Next, the Backup Options screen comes up. Here, you need to tap on Browse to select a disk location to store the backup File.

6. Once you select the disk address, you will have to tap on the OK button.

7. On the same screen, you need to go through the other options as well. Pick the options or items that you need. You will find an explanation of each option here. Select OK when you are ready to move ahead. Go to step 8 when you want to Back up QuickBooks Desktop company file

8. Discover and take note of the time and date of the company file backup to know which one stores which data. You may instruct the software to limit the number of backup files. You may also cap the number of backups created for every company unit. This step helps you in saving precious disk space on the computer. You can opt for QuickBooks service as well. 

9. You may also set up a backup reminder. To do that, click on the checkbox Remind me to back up and set a frequency. Every time you work on the company file and attempt to close it, the program will ask you about backup. 

10. During backup, you can either choose file health verification on or off. Switching verification off will make the process faster. But, selecting to turn on verification will inform you whether the file health is good or not. You will see the following options:

Complete Verification 

No Verification

Quicker Verification

11. Now, tap on Next once the Create Backup screen pops up. You can also get in touch with the QuickBooks service team. 

12. You may now choose any of the following: schedule future backups, back up now, or both. When you choose the save backup now, the software will ask you to select a backup storage location. 

13. You may also choose both: scheduling back up and perform back up now. The software will ask you for scheduling frequency and choose a backup location as company file backup storage. 

14. To perform backups of QuickBooks Desktop company file on a schedule of your choosing, select New to set up the company File backup calendar. Additionally. You may decide to give your company file backup schedule a description. Here, specify the date, time, frequency, and file description to complete the auto backup scheduling. 

15. Once you complete the steps above, tap in OK. You will again see another message box and there click on Finish. 

Congratulations on completing the backup QuickBooks desktop company file. For technical assistance, you may contact QuickBooks service from Accounting Error Solution.

Wrapping Up

A business owner, manager, company accountant, or payroll clerk needs to backup QuickBooks desktop company file regularly. Please follow the steps available in this technical guide. For more help, you can visit the fix backup company file in QuickBooks desktop guide from Accounting Error Solution. Contact the QuickBooks service technical team for expert help.

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