What Is QuickBooks Error Code 3371 And How To Fix It

This blog is to guide the users to an easy solution for resolving the QuickBooks error 3371. The accounting software QuickBooks suffers from the error code 3371 when the users try to launch the license properties. Instead of launching the license data, the user is displayed with the message “Failed to launch license properties”. If you are looking for an instant solution you may connect with the QuickBooks online customer service team. The team offers a quick solution and can be easily connected using the QuickBooks help number at any time of need.

Common Causes Of QuickBooks Error 3371

The error code is related to the license data of the software. The users of the accounting software must keep the license information stored on the device on which the software is being used. Certain activities like cloning the license information can corrupt the file causing the error code to erupt on the screen. The common causes of the error code 3371 are as follows:

  1. The license data is stored in the installation file of the user. Damage in the installation file can corrupt the license information of the accounting software.
  2. MSXML is a crucial file present on the device of the user. Any sort of damage that occurred on the MSXML file can cause issues with the working of the accounting software.
  3. Any form of interruption from the Firewall program of the device can also yield the error code 3371 on the screen of the user.

Easy Solution For The QuickBooks Error 3371

Solution-1: Re-Register The Software

Step-1: Press the button of ‘Windows+R’ together.

Step-2: A new Window will pop on the screen.

Step-3: Type the address C:\ Program Data\ Intuit\ Client\v8 

Step-4: Press the Enter button.

Step-5: This will open the entered location.

Step-6: You will find the ECML file at this location.

Step-7: Click-Right on the ECML file.

Step-8: From the popup menu select the Delete option.

Step-9: Click Ok if asked for confirmation.

Step-10: Now close the Window.

Step-11: Open accounting software. 

Step-12: Re-register QuickBooks.

Once you register the product again the device may need to restart. Simply restart the device and check if the issue has been resolved from the software. You may try the second solution if the error code persists or connect with QuickBooks online customer service team for instant resolution.

Solution-2: Update The Windows

Step-1: Move the cursor to click on the Start icon. 

Step-2: Choose the icon ‘All Programs’.

Step-3: Now, click on the icon ‘Windows Update’.

Step-4: Select the option ‘Check For Updates’.

Step-5: Wait for the device to complete the process.

Step-6: Now, reinstall the accounting software.

Using an outdated version of Windows hinders the working capacity of the accounting software. So, updating Windows often resolves the issues from the accounting software effectively. Dial the QuickBooks help number if the error code does not get resolved from the accounting software.


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